Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Auction in Caldwell

A brisk cool wind was blowing this morning reminding me of the coming fall in this beautiful countryside that I now call home. There was a Saturday morning Auction in Caldwell just around the corner from us, close enough that Shubert could hear the auctioneer call from his place inside where he is recuperating from a fall last week.
A neighbor, Coy Berry, moved away from his home-place and obtained Phillip Walker Auctions of Rougemont to auction his personal property. Coy's mother, Ruby, once worked with Bob at GTE in Durham back in the '70s. As happens in most of our families, many of her precious keepsakes and memories were sold today; hopefully that piece of pottery or antique lamp or treasured quilt will make new memories for that person that secured it with the winning bid.
It was a gorgeous morning with friends and strangers gathering there for the auction. I took a few pictures and enjoyed the sounds of the auctioneer and the conversation around me.
 Walking from my Daughter's Driveway
Pasture Across from Coy's Full of Cars

My son-in-law's mom and her clock.
My walk back home along the pasture road 
behind Ruby's and her son, Coy's house. 
My home is just beyond the trees to the left.

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Peggy Duke said...

How I love your photographs Judy. They always capture the spirit of the day/event. I especially liked the framed photo of the old house. Do you know whose home place it was? You captured great shots of the crowd too; I see you found one interesting hat :-) Sharing your walk to and from the auction made me feel like I'd shared the day with you.

Love, Peggy

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Oh, I'm so happy you liked the photos, Peggy! I can always count on you to understand where I'm coming from (or to ~ ). The framed house is actually a Bob Timberlake print of one of his paintings. Isn't it neat? You can find it online, I think. I loved the hat. Wanted the back of it, but he turned to the left just as I snapped! Notice the earpiece in his ear? Don't know what that was about. Did you notice the blue bike? He was C.C. reincarnated! And the walk to and from was indeed meant for you to be able to be there with me!

Love you,



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