Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Auction in Caldwell

A brisk cool wind was blowing this morning reminding me of the coming fall in this beautiful countryside that I now call home. There was a Saturday morning Auction in Caldwell just around the corner from us, close enough that Shubert could hear the auctioneer call from his place inside where he is recuperating from a fall last week.
A neighbor, Coy Berry, moved away from his home-place and obtained Phillip Walker Auctions of Rougemont to auction his personal property. Coy's mother, Ruby, once worked with Bob at GTE in Durham back in the '70s. As happens in most of our families, many of her precious keepsakes and memories were sold today; hopefully that piece of pottery or antique lamp or treasured quilt will make new memories for that person that secured it with the winning bid.
It was a gorgeous morning with friends and strangers gathering there for the auction. I took a few pictures and enjoyed the sounds of the auctioneer and the conversation around me.
 Walking from my Daughter's Driveway
Pasture Across from Coy's Full of Cars

My son-in-law's mom and her clock.
My walk back home along the pasture road 
behind Ruby's and her son, Coy's house. 
My home is just beyond the trees to the left.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Question 23 and Her Calf

You remember the photo of my favorite Blalock heifer,
"Question #23"? 

Well, she had her calf last evening, and spent this morning in distress because the little thing decided to make a run for the woods! Brenda called me this morning to tell me that she and Charles were out behind our house looking for the calf. Bob and I heard 23 bawling and we could see her and knew something was wrong. We put on our shoes and went out to help look. The four of searched the woods, going through to each of the highways. Finally, Brenda saw the poor thing come out onto the private road that circles the place, but she and Bob couldn't catch up with it. Charles went back to get on the 4-wheeler and I stayed put, knowing if I tried to corner the calf, I would probably scare it into the woods in another direction. It ended up going across the busy highway, and I think it came back across and ended up at the other end of Gail's and Troy's place before Charles and Brenda finally caught it. They all were pretty tired. I didn't do that much. But mama 23 and baby were scared to death, and I don't blame them. 
They are now safely penned up together for a while in the corral until momma and baby get used to one another.
Guess it's all pretty normal on a fall day during calving season in Caldwell.

Monday, September 16, 2013

First Pecan of Season ~ September 16, 2013

Westmoreland Milk Glass Hen on Nest
with Red Comb and Feathers Covered Dish
and my Southern Living Pedestal Centerpiece
given to me by my daughter-in-law.

Shubert was mowing this morning and as he made the circle around Mrs. Blalock's 75+ year-old pecan tree that I can see from my kitchen window something hit him in the head. It was this premature green pecan. He stopped and brought it in the house to me so I could see the prospects for this fall's pecan harvest from the three Blalock pecan trees. It would be wonderful if they are all this big and if they stay on the tree instead of falling on the ground. If my uncle Raymond Stone were still with us he would be able to identify the type of pecan we have here. Guess I will have to investigate a little ~ ask a few questions of the Blalocks and/or the neighbors. If I am not successful, I can always take it to the Orange County North Carolina Extension Agency.

The beginnings of a beautiful pecan!
Photos:Judith Richards Shubert; taken by and belonging to JRS 9-16-2013; digital format.



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