Monday, July 13, 2009

My Hen Collection

Colorful Brown Ceramic Hen on Basketweave Nest Covered Dish

Blue Carnival Glass Hen on Nest Covered Dish from Aunt Irene

Old Milk Glass Hen on Nest Covered Dish

Brown Ceramic Standing Hen with Handled Lid

Westmoreland Milk Glass Hen on Nest with Red Comb and Feathers Covered Dish

Clear Blue Glass Hen on Nest Covered Dish from Aunt Irene


My Carolina Kitchen said...

Your hens are so cool. I remember the one in milk glass. It was popular in the fifties. In fact my parents had one on their shelf in the kitchen.

Ceramic hens are very popular in France. I brought back two ceramic ones from Provence and my husband calls then "shickens" and I always correct him to say...."dear, those are hens."
Fun post. Thanks.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Sam, I love that you like my hens! My grandmother and baby sister gave me my first one when I got married and moved away from Texas to Tennessee. I loved it. I forgot to take a picture of it as it's in the china cabinet with a poor broken back! I dropped it very early on and glued it back together as much as possible, but there was a missing piece and it, alas, has a hole in it!

Would love to see your hens or "shickens". Are they majolica? Thank you so, so much for visiting and leaving your comment.

mark said...

I have the small white hen, larger light blue hen and larger green hen, I have had these since I was a child ...I love them....

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Hi Mark!
They are so much fun, aren't they? I would collect more but I think my shelves are beginning to buckle under the weight of all my glass! Seriously, though, I can't bear to think of someone going through my collections and selling them off in an estate sale. Hopefully, my children and grandchildren will see their beauty and value and decide to keep something of "Granny's!"
Thanks for stopping by and looking at my hen collection.



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