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Girls' Weekend 2009 - Surfside Beach, Texas

Wow, we had a great time at our annual Girls' Weekend! This year it was sister Peggy's turn to choose our destination. We usually put our names in a "hat" and draw for the privilege of deciding where our group of 5 Goddesses will venture to next.

Usually, we try to go in April or May. Because we don't really like the heat that seems like the best plan. Next time maybe we'll wait until the first "cold snap!"
Peggy lived in LaPorte near Houston for several years and said she missed the beach so much she chose Surfside and a neat beach house just steps from the water. We stayed at the beautiful Beach Retreat, at 215 Carlton Avenue owned by Tom Warren. It had all the modern amenities that we like to find in our home away from home, but with the beach atmosphere we were craving.

Ann, Sue, Linda Kay, Peggy and moi' packed our overnight bags and left North Texas behind as we climbed into Ann's large truck and headed south. Right through the hill country in the better part of bluebonnet and wildflower season. Well, actually, I guess we didn't go right through the Hill Country because we veered southeast after hitting Walnut Springs. But we saw plenty of bluebonnets none-the-less.

We drove through rain for the better part of the trip and Shubert kept calling us and telling us we were in a "tornado watch-box!" I guess he wanted us to get out and lie down in the ditch somewhere, but then my new Birkenstocks would get ruined! We had to stop for a little while in the little town of Brenham because Ann said she couldn't see through the wall of water. So we took a break with all of the other travelers and then carried on toward Bellville. As it turns out, Shubert called us as soon as we landed at the beach house to tell us the Houston news stations were reporting a tornado in Brenham with "trees down but no loss of life!" Whew! That was close.

Before Brenham and the worse part of the rain we stoppped for lunch in the little town of Meridian. The Cactus Grill at 120 North Main Street is a treat, to be sure. Raul y Vernonica Contreras, Chef and Owners, have created a wonderful little grill with lots of character and fantastic food! I ordered the Cheeseburger with fries and it was one of the best I've ever tasted. Everyone got something different. The portions were gigantic and the prices right. You'll have to stop in on your next trip through town ~ or why not make a special trip just to eat at the Cactus Grill?

After getting to the beach house and unwinding just a bit we decided on the Red Snapper Inn for dinner. It was indeed a seafood lover's paradise. The atmosphere was laid-back, casual and comfortable. We felt we could enjoy our meal and each other's company. Again, we each ordered a different entree with our love of fresh seafood uppermost in our minds. I remembered the east coast shrimp and oysters that I loved when living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and so I ordered Owner/Chef, Lin Biar's fried shrimp and oysters. I definitely was NOT disappointed. The Red Snapper Inn was only a mile from the beach house at 402 Blue Water Hwy.

The next morning Ann, Sue, and Peggy had breakfast ready for Linda Kay and me when we woke up. We are the two late risers of the group and they are the "early-birds."

After a trek to the beach with sunglasses, hats or sunscreen, and cameras in hand we thoroughly enjoyed the water, sand, and birds. Then we went back down the Blue Water Hwy. in search of Bingo. Bingo Boards is a little shop that has been renovated after Hurricane Ike's destruction and we found the owner and staff to be friendly and interesting. We enjoyed hamburgers and fries and a visit from the owner and creator of the colorful Bingo Boards! The surf-shop with beach apparel and knick-knacks is at 18 Fort Velasco in Freeport, Texas.

Needless to say, food is a big part of our Girls' Weekends. Peggy cooked a special dinner for us one night ~ a fantastic shrimp boil. It was absolutely the best thing ever. Ann prepared her famous Reuben Sandwiches for us the next evening. Served hot with sauerkraut and swiss cheese on rye. Yummy! I might be able to persuade them to share the recipes with us for the next post. I'll work on that!


Betsy said...

Oh, as soon as I saw the title of your blog, I knew I would like it! How fact, all of your blogs sound great! Thanks for saying Hi to me...I'm so glad you found me!

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thanks so much Betsy for your sweet comments. I appreciate your following my blog and hope you will visit often. As soon as I found your blog, My Five Men, this morning you inspired me with your sweet spirit and your endearing family. I hope we don't lose touch here in cyberspace!

Tom Warren said...

Hi Judy & Sisters,
I seems you had a wonderful time together. I'm glad to be a part of your 2009 adventure.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thanks, Tom, for checking out my blog! We did have a good time and your beach house is ideal. We'll be sure and recommend it to our friends. Have a great summer.

Kay Duke, Meridian said...


Thank you so much for the positive feedback and great advertising for Cactus Grill. I will share your comments with Raul & Veronica and see if they would like to use them in any advertising. We are so glad you enjoyed your meal and hope you come back to visit Meridian gain...and bring more friends.


Kay Duke
Office Manager
Meridian Chamber of Commerce

Betsy said...

I'm back...copying down your Aunt Irene's brownie recipe. Now...the hard part is deciding to make them plain or marbelized with creamcheese! Mmmmm!

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Glad to see you back so soon, Betsy! You'll love the brownies. That marbleized version is fantastic!

Janice Tracy said...

Hi, Judy. I knew you were "missing in action" for a while on your blogs, but I never dreamed you were off having so much fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories of your trip to the beach.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Hi Janice!
So good to have you visiting my Food Gratitude blog. I started it to put our family recipes on but it has ended up being somewhat of a catch-all. But I think that's okay since I'm grateful for it all!
I was missing from action for just a bit. Now I need to get back to reading all my favorite geneabloggers' posts.
See you.

Lin Biar said...

Thank you for the kind words. Thank you so much for dining with us and look forward to your next visit. Thanks for the article.
(The Red Snapper Inn)

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thanks to Kay and Lin for responding to my emails about our visit at The Red Snapper Inn in Surfside and The Cactus Grill in Meridian. I appreciate it a lot!



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