Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 Tractor Pull

2014 Tractor Pull

N.C. State Fair

Sam Rand Grandstand

Before ending our day at the N.C. Fair by strolling through the Expo Center Lawn and looking at the flowers and the lights, we took a much needed rest by attending the colorful and thundering Tractor Pull. 
I know my husband reminded me this was NOT my first one, as I had told our daughter, but it was nothing compared to the competition and showmanship displayed at this event. My husband and son-in-law had left the Fairgrounds earlier in the day ~ they had had enough of a good thing ~ and we girls were then free to enjoy the Fair in the way we liked. They just had no idea it would involve the Tractor Pull or they might have stayed with us!!


The professional photographer MAD Pulling Pics appeared in several of my pictures so I thought I would give him a link back to his website. I have no association with him in any way. But check out his work. Great photography!

Photographs on this Post
All photographs taken by and belonging to Judith Richards Shubert October 17, 2014; digital format used.

Copyright 2014: Judith Richards Shubert

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