Friday, February 14, 2014

Our Big Snow of Valentine's Day Week 2014

 Sisters Angie and Judy at RDU ~ February 12, 2014
Angie Ready to Board Flight Back to DFW and Home
Leaving Just Before the Big Snow

 On Hwy. 70 in Hillsborough

On Hwy. 57 Headed to Caldwell

Home Sweet Home in Caldwell

Some Digitally Enhanced Water-colored Photos
of Home in Caldwell

Before long we can get back to good food and sunny days! 
By Valentine's Day afternoon the snow was melting and 
we are getting ready for freezing temperatures again tonight.

1 comment:

Angie Pruett said...

What beautiful snow pictures! I wish I could have seen the snow before I left, but then again, if I had seen the snow, I would not be posting this comment from Granbury, Texas, where, btw, it is a bright, sunny 70 degrees today!



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