Thursday, December 13, 2012

Old Man Winter Wearing Winter Clothes

When a friend of my from our Friends of Scrapz group suggested the Theme for the week of Dec 9th should be Old Man Winter wearing Winter Clothing, these snapshots kept popping into my head. They are my mom and dad before they were married with her two sisters and a couple of their girlfriends from school and a couple of soldiers from the Army base right outside of Mineral Wells. Back in the '40s when this was taken and as America was getting into WWII, Fort Wolters was a holding camp for recruits and Army personnel who eventually went overseas. In the '60s it was the training base for Helicopter Pilots who went to Vietnam. At that time, in 1961, it was where I met Shubert.
My beautiful Aunt Irene is the one acting like she is going to climb up into the scrawny tree and she is the one with the dark plaid coat on in the other pictures. My mother's beautiful twin, Maedelle, is in the tree picture on the left with her arms crossed; she is also the one standing behind Irene on the left with her hand in her jacket pocket in the 2nd oval picture of all the girls. My mom, Vernelle, is standing in the middle beside Maedelle and wearing the dark coat with bright buttons. My dad is the civilian in the leather jacket on the far left in the group picture. My mom must have been taking that particular picture.
The entire group looks like they are freezing, but really enjoying themselves. I have always enjoyed these pictures and loved looking at those beautiful coats the girls have on.
I used one of the pages from Far Hill's Vintage French illustrations. I also used elements from Raspberry Road's "Tis the Season".

Irene Gailey Stone Family Photograph Album; digital format of originals, December 2012.

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