Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Julie Elizabeth Martin - Oct 7, 1956 - Aug 23, 2008

She was so generous. I want to tell you about a gift she gave me last Christmas. One day during the holiday season the UPS truck pulled up to my house and left a fairly heavy box on my doorstep. It had a return address from and since Bob has occasionally ordered books from them I thought he had ordered something for Christmas. Then when I opened the box it further confused me because it was a Paula Deen appointment calendar and a dozen cans of Bing Cherries! I couldn’t imagine Bob ordering something like that. Later that day Julie contacted me asking if I had gotten her package! We had been having an on-going conversation about Coca-Cola and Cranberry Salad which is Bob’s favorite Christmas dish and I had casually mentioned that I didn’t make it very often any more because I had such a hard time finding the cherries.

She was a wonderful, sweet, interesting cousin and I'll miss our emails and conversations about food, family and our search for family links that will continue to bind us even in her absence.


Sarah Goodwin (Julie's Daughter) said...

The day I decided to Google my mother's name, just to see what came up, and I found this story. I've heard so many many many similar stories....her best friend, Alyse, always expects a box of fudge on her birthday, so I have taken over this for my mother!

I just wanted to let you know that my mother passed away on 8/23, rather than 8/25. She went into the hospital in the early hours of 8/23 in California, and was braindead later that night. On 8/24, the neurologist finally got around to seeing her, and pronounced her braindead that day. Since my sister, myself, my stepdad, and my granddad collectively decided to donate her organs, she remained on life support. On the afternoon of 8/25, she was taken off life support to go into surgery to have her organs removed. She was creamated the next day, and most of her ashes are in her office (when I move next month I will be taking them). The rest are in a necklace her best friend gave my sister and I, so she's always with us.

So, choose whatever day you would like to celebrate her, but my sister and I chose the 23rd. We don't believe "life support" has anything to do with life itself, and she was gone on 8/23, in our eyes. At her memorial service, I had everyone send up balloons with whatever anyone wanted to say to her, and this is how I celebrated her this year, by sending up a balloon. Please keep in touch at 720-296-2824. Thank you!

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thank you so much for writing, Sarah! I was so pleased when I found your comment. I will most definitely celebrate her life on the 23rd of August now. Ah, I miss her. I also have a post about her on my blog, Genealogy Traces where I posted her picture. I'll keep in touch, and you do the same. Give your sister and your Grandfather my best. Judy

Sarah Hicks said...


Here's to another year gone by remembering Mom. I didn't notice your comment on here until the other day when I decided to Google my mom's name again (just thinking about her more and more toward her anniversary). Hope you are doing good!

Sarah Hicks (Married last December to my husband, Brian Hicks. We have a little one on the way, due in December, where Krystal will be 3 in December. Busy month for us!)

Judith Richards Shubert said...

I know you and your sister miss her more and more with each and every passing day, Sarah. I was looking through some photos on my computer the other day and saw the ones of your beautiful baby and your Mom holding her. What a joy! Thank you for keeping your promise and keeping in touch. I hope your grandpa is well.

Sarah Hicks said...

Can I have your email address? I found a picture of you, Bob, granddmom and granddad. I can also send you much newer ones of Krystal

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Good morning, Sarah,

I'd love to have you send me a picture! Our email holds more so that would be the safest way to send it. And would love to see an updated photo of your Krystal. Also, was glad we connected on FB today!



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